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Emma x Zhang

RMIT University Melbourne

Specialisms: Installation/Sculpture / Digital Arts / Fine Art

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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RMIT University Melbourne

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Emma x Zhang

Emma x Zhang ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Emma

Last Name: x Zhang

Specialisms: Installation/Sculpture / Digital Arts / Fine Art


My Location: Melbourne, Australia

University / College: RMIT University Melbourne

Course / Program Title: MASTER OF FINE ART


Emma x Zhang (EXZ) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her artistic expression spans a diverse range of mediums, including painting, mixed media, video, digital prints, and projection installations. EXZ completed her Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) and Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). EXZ focuses on conveying a vivid spectrum of visual experiences and also harnesses the transient nature of light.

Enter the Underworld, HD video, 2023. 6:38mins This video project interrogates how natural phenomena can be manipulated through a series of fragmented images. Through organising and duplicating online archives of microcosms and organisms, including insects, and deep-sea creatures viewed through microscopic and high-resolution lenses, this video harnesses the hyper-colour and abstraction of the natural world. The sound composition by Dylan Marelic (a multimedia artist based in Naarm/Melbourne) that accompanies the video is a collage of natural and synthetic elements. The natural elements are built from field recordings of insects, birds, and wind through trees, creating a sonic correlation with the organic elements in the visuals. The synthetic elements mirror the organic nature of the field recordings blurring the lines between organic and artificial.

"Nanometamorph" The artist EXZ closely studied online micro butterflies, exploring their dynamic hues from diverse angles. The Morpho butterfly's vivid pigment-free blue arises from structural colouration—a phenomenon seen in feathers, beetles, and human eyes. The scale's nano-structures resemble nature's own programmed pixels, concealed to the naked eye, inviting contemplation about merging nature and imagination through the digital frontier.

"Polymetamorph" introduces a geometric configuration of butterfly scales, each pixel is intentionally prominent, showcasing a flickering kinetic quality that comes into focus when observed closely. The installation invites viewers to delve into the dynamic microcosm of organic complexities. Amidst the surface turbulence, a meticulously organized array of vivid hues materializes, offering a stabilizing counterbalance amid the profusion of data.

Translumia is constructed by using techniques of digital programming to create an unknown realm of kaleidoscopic wonder. This work aims to create a dialogue between colour and light.