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Hannah Lyness
Textile Design BA

Arts University Bournemouth

Specialisms: Textiles / Textiles - Print / Textiles for Interiors

Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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Arts University Bournemouth

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Hannah Lyness

Hannah Lyness ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Hannah

Last Name: Lyness

Specialisms: Textiles / Textiles - Print / Textiles for Interiors


My Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

University / College: Arts University Bournemouth

Course / Program Title: Textile Design BA


Hannah Lyness is a Textile Designer who specialises in print, applied over a variety of surfaces for interior application. With strong drawing and colour skills her designs are versatile across illustrative and geometric aesthetics. Specialised techniques include screen print, digital print and laser cutting on a combination of soft and hard materials for fabrics, wallpapers and laser cut pieces for interiors such as room dividers.  

‘Cosmic Communications’ explores technology, communications and space, inspired by installations at the Tate Modern and initial inspiration from the film A Space odyssey. The interior collection comprises of digital, and hand printed geometric fabrics, wallpapers and laser cut and stacked hard surface explorations. The designs explore bold colour, geometric, linear shapes, metallic finishes and textures. The collection has been imagined for fun and playful domestic interiors. Photography by Olivia Wang

Graduate collection ‘Brutalist Bloom’ explores the connections between structure and organic, inspired by the Barbican Conservatory and Brutalist Architecture. The designs include illustrative and painterly hand drawn plants combined with geometric shapes and patterns. The designs explore colour, detail and additional finishes across wallpapers, fabrics and laser cut pieces. The Brutalist Bloom collection is imagined for application in a domestic context.