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Hannah Calvert
Textile/Surface Design BA (Hons)

University of Bolton

Specialisms: Textiles: Fashion/Interiors / Drawing / Painting

Location: Bolton, United Kingdom

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Hannah Calvert

Hannah Calvert ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Hannah

Last Name: Calvert

Specialisms: Textiles: Fashion/Interiors / Drawing / Painting

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Bolton, United Kingdom

University / College: University of Bolton

Course / Program Title: Textile/Surface Design BA (Hons)


I’m Hannah, a recent graduate and talented new surface designer. I take inspiration from everything around me and I especially enjoy travelling, visiting galleries, exhibitions and museums, taking photos to inspire ideas to inform my designs. Colour is an important aspect of design which I enjoy experimenting with in response to ideas and trends. Within my design approach, I love to create talking points and stories within the artwork, that are both colourful and dramatic. My strength and diversity in style of hand gives me the ability to work across a variety of briefs, with a focus to create unique pieces. My portfolio captures my love for interior pattern making, however, my versatile skills are transferable to compliment other areas such as, fashion and gift. I feel fortunate to work within an industry that both challenges and allows me to experiment with pattern, colour and design.

‘Radical Classical’, new age neoclassical, a modern take on 18th century Baroque and Rococo design. ‘Maximalist with sly classical references, note the new take on florals … oversized prints, particularly relevant for murals,’ (MIX, A/W 2020/21, pg. 69). Taken from all aspects of Baroque design, fine art, architecture, sculpture and the history of Italian culture. The collection of wallpapers and furnishing fabrics work cohesively to dramatise and maximise the elegance of the room. Bright colours and large-scale prints are to create a sense of grandeur,and make the space encapsulate the dramatic, decorative style of the Baroque period. The lighter colours of the palette are to create a modern ‘candy-like’ feel to the collection, whilst darker colours offer deep, rich tones. ‘Radical Classical’ was inspired by visits to Rome, Lake Como and Milan, as well as Roman artefacts left in Britain during their reign in places such as York and Chester. Castle Howard was one of the biggest inspirations for this project, offering a sense of scale and ornamentation.