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Isabelle Rutland
Fashion Photography BA Hons

Leeds Arts University

Specialisms: Art Direction Fashion Photography

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

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Leeds Arts University

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Isabelle Rutland

Isabelle Rutland ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Isabelle

Last Name: Rutland

Specialisms: Art Direction / Fashion Photography


My Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

University / College: Leeds Arts University

Course / Program Title: Fashion Photography BA Hons


Isabelle Rutland is a fashion photographer based in Brighton and Leeds. Her personal work pushes the realness within our imaginations through fashion narratives. She hints at subjects such as nostalgia, surrealism and women hood, often looking at inspiration through films and books. Isabelle has some experience in creative direction and set design.

At one time, there was a world where the people known as ‘Happy Folk’ lived. A fictional world that I have created that may not always be how they seem. In this project I delve into my fascination with the power of visual storytelling and creating a world that transcends reality. My work is heavily influenced by the techniques used by film directors and cinematographers such as Yorgos Lanthimos, Nicholas Roeg and Jordan Peele. The films I explored were ‘Dogtooth’ (Lanthimos), ‘The Lobster’ (Lanthimos), ‘Nope’ (Peele) and ‘The Man who fell to Earth’ (Roeg). I particularly looked at how the directors used human behaviour and contradicting social structures, to paint their honest examination of this world. Especially just coming out of a pandemic, the strange lives these characters live are not so dissimilar to our own. With an appreciation of the stylism of retro-futurism, I often inform similar aesthetic choices in my shoots. There is a blend of alien and dystopian world in my work which is deliberate to create a metaphorical link between the control exerted by alien beings in science fiction films, and the power dynamics and societal norms that form our lives here on Earth.