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Jacqueline Morris
Textile Design BA Hons

Northbrook Metropolitan College

Specialisms: Textiles / Textiles - Print / Embroidery

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

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Jacqueline Morris

Jacqueline Morris ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jacqueline

Last Name: Morris

Specialisms: Textiles / Textiles - Print / Embroidery

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

University / College: Northbrook Metropolitan College

Course / Program Title: Textile Design BA Hons


I am currently in my second year, studying a B A (Hons) Textile Design Degree and loving every minute. I am very open-minded and love working with textures and colour. I like to take risks and am very adventurous with all aspects of my projects. Finished my first year with the equivalent to a First class.

'Knit Project' - Its All In The Stripe. Specialist Module 2 - Knitted Textiles - March 2018 The aim of this project was to explore knitted techniques and 3-dimensional concepts whilst experimenting with various textures. I started with a theme, this was 'Desert Calm'. My initial inspiration was cacti but it quickly developed into small desert animals such as snakes, lizards and toads. I experimented with washi-tape, yarn and cardboard to create 3-dimensional pieces of artwork. I found myself mark making using inks and paints to express textures. I enjoyed collage and photo collage as this enabled me to see how to develop artwork into knitting designs. When creating the knitted samples I used various techniques such as e-wrapping, weaving, felting and 3-dimensional pattern making. I also used a textile hardener medium to create a sculptural knitted design which fascinated me. For this project I made 4 knit samples for furnishing interiors, which I found interesting. I was inspired by my research of sculptural knitted fashion, this is when I decided to develop my ideas further. I took the initial desert animal inspiration concentrating just on their armour and created 4 knitted fashion designs. For my final fashion illustration, I created a collage photo/montage inspired by Esdar Maren incorporating my knitting and animal inspiration.

'Gift Project' - Creative Skills 2 - Research and Design Skills For Surface Pattern Design - February 2018 I found this project really interesting and loved every minute of it. The gift project was an introduction into exploring and creating print designs to be applied to a variety of surfaces not just fabric, all intended for the gift market. For my primary research I ventured to the Natural History museum in London. I gathered many photos and sketched as I wandered. I was mostly interested in their fish and sea life which was in the blue zone called fishes, amphibians and reptiles. I decided that my chosen gift area would be a universal kitchen gift, aprons, tea towels, place mats, fridge magnets, mugs and storage jars. I enjoyed experimenting with collage and mark making as well as various drawing techniques, one being stippling. I also used photoshop to manipulate my designs and create repeat, half drop and mirroring patterns. Photoshop was used to create my final visualisations next to my fabric samples.

'Pattern Within The Environment' Specialist Module 1: Print and Embroidery - December 2017 This project was all about pattern, to explore everyday patterns and find something that grabbed me. There was also an embroidery element to this project where we could experiment by add stitching. I wanting to explore a more abstract way of creating designs for this project, my secondary research inspired me a lot. My starting point was a visit to our local cemetery/grave yard where I saw and felt a lot of unusual patterns and textures. For this project I found that I was fascinated with textures and wanted to include this element in my designs. I used traditional screen printing techniques and puff binder to obtain textures. I included hand stitching as well as free motion machine embroidery on some of my samples. After experimenting and colour exploring I chose interiors for this project, more specific lampshades. I made two different sized lampshades complete with my fabric and design as well as making some mock up lampshades.

"Beautiful Thing' - September 2017. This was my first project on my degree course, looking at what I found beautiful and interesting. I was inspired by the colourful salads I ate whilst on holiday in Germany. I chose salad as my topic and decided to explore this further, using a variety of mediums including stitching. I love the experimental stage of creating something new. I also explored colour with new techniques such as flocking and foils, the outcome of these were really interesting. As part of my design development I imported my designs into photoshop and created multiple bespoke patterns. For my final samples I used traditional screen printing techniques, flocking, foils and stitching. There was a second element to this project, to create a shift dress and produce a fashion illustration.