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Jesse Clark
Photography BA

Ringling College of Art and Design

Specialisms: Not Specified

Location: Sarasota, United States

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Ringling College of Art and Design

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Jesse Clark

Jesse Clark ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jesse

Last Name: Clark



My Location: Sarasota, United States

University / College: Ringling College of Art and Design

Course / Program Title: Photography BA


Jesse Clark is Haitian-American photographer based in Florida. Clark received his B.F.A. in Photography and Imaging from Ringling College of Art + Design in 2023. Clark’s work can be described as vibrant and poetic, with its soft visualizations of Black identity and beauty. Clark is interested in combating outdated perceptions and misrepresentations of Blackness within the media. Clark’s photography has been exhibited in SPAACES Gallery, Art Center Sarasota and Mara Studio + Gallery. He has been featured in Sarasota Magazine, WEDU-PBS, and Stories To Change The World–International Activist Collection

To sting like a bee



"To Sting Like A Bee" is a photobook and exhibition that explores themes of Black beauty, Black Identity and overcoming Social Injustices. This series became my way of combating media that desensitizes our view of violence and negative perceptions of Black individuals. My Image "Liberty" is an exhibition piece that embodies the mission of this entire project. Overall, this series works to engage viewers aesthetically through its soft depictions of the Black body while also challenging viewers’ unconscious perceptions of what Black identity is and could be.