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Josefina Maiza
Fashion Styling and Communication Master

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design Madrid

Specialisms: Art Direction / Fashion Styling / Fashion Comms

Location: Madrid, Spain

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IED Istituto Europeo Di Design Madrid

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Josefina Maiza

Josefina Maiza ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Josefina

Last Name: Maiza

Specialisms: Art Direction / Fashion Styling / Fashion Comms

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Madrid, Spain

University / College: IED Istituto Europeo Di Design Madrid

Course / Program Title: Fashion Styling and Communication Master


Art director & Stylist working in fashion on the development of campaigns, editorials, fashion films, advertising, lookbooks, social media content and graphic design projects.

Over the years I have always been attracted to various creative areas, such as art, design, photography, cinema & architecture, and over time I understood the great relationship between fashion and these other creative worlds, always seeing them as sciences that can coexist and connect with each other.

Today, my main focus as creative is to complement this different areas to enhance the visual languages of brands, working mainly through creative direction, art direction, set design and styling.

HYBRID LOVE is a project that emerges from the question: What will love mean in 20 years from now? Based on this approach, the project is developed in different pieces were I worked doing the Creative Direction, Art Direction, Set Design, Styling & Graphic Design. First of all, a fashion film that, through real interviews with people of different ages, genders, nationalities, sexual orientations, etc., seeks to recreate and explore how the definition of love will change in the future. A total of 25 people from different countries were interviewed, some of the territories on the list including Chile, Iran, Japan, China, Portugal, Israel, Spain, Haiti, India, Greece, Germany, among others. In total it was about 13 hours of interviews. By the hand of the audiovisual piece and as a complement of it, a fashion editorial was made in order to summarize the story of the fashion film into photographs. The last piece is a fanzine that through graphics and still life images, seeks to show the contrast between the definitions of love from some of the most famous dictionaries v/s the answers obtained on the interviews for the fashion film. Link to watch the fashion film: