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Kasper Wahnström
Fashion with Business Studies BA Hons

University of Brighton

Specialisms: Apparel / Menswear / Genderless

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

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Kasper Wahnström

Kasper Wahnström ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Kasper

Last Name: Wahnström

Specialisms: Apparel / Menswear / Genderless

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

University / College: University of Brighton

Course / Program Title: Fashion with Business Studies BA Hons


Recent fashion graduate from University of Brighton

KASPER WAHNSTRÖM BA GRADUATE COLLECTION När Moderniteten Kom Till Min Gatan Hemma i Stan 2020/21 When Modernity Came To My Street Back Home in Town 2020/21 A collection inspired by the idea of communality & functionalism during the era of Folkhemmet in Sweden’s history. Folkhemmet is the poetic name for the political concept of modernising Sweden between the 1940s & the 1960s. The aesthetics of functionalism was explored & incorporated within the tailoring aspects of the collection, by looking at placement, displaying functionalism & construction of garment. Choice of fabric and pattern was inspired by furniture & interior design of the time. From the concept of communality, communal laundry rooms emerged in Sweden in the 1950s. The communal laundry rooms were about democracy, accessibility & exists almost exclusively in Sweden. Through this idea, a research & concept around draping hanging clothes emerged, which was integrated in the collection in the form of hanging & reconstructed shirts. The collection is an incarnation of ‘saudade’, a deeply emotional state of nostalgic or deep melancholic longing for an absent time. There is nothing very nice about modern life.