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Lauren Emily Evans
Fashion Design And Technology

Manchester Metropolitan University

Specialisms: Menswear / Fashion Technology / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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Lauren Emily Evans

Lauren Emily Evans ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Lauren Emily

Last Name: Evans

Specialisms: Menswear / Fashion Technology / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

University / College: Manchester Metropolitan University

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design And Technology


Menswear Designer with sustainable ethic.

Project for Tommy Hilfiger Menswear Runway. The concept for this project is based on the 80's Winter Olympics when the American Ice hockey team won the miracle game. Referencing back to Tommy Hilfiger's heritage being found in 1985 as a sports brand the collection consists of sport-influenced details which are combined with tailored and denim pieces.


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Menswear Apparel Denim

A contemporary menswear collection based on my sense of place. PROTECTION. Originally brought up in a small village in a rural area of Cheshire, my sense of place was inhaling fresh air. Since living in an urban city of Manchester where surroundings are chaotic and the area appears like a concrete jungle compared to what I call home. Today’s fast pace environment is a major contributor to the high pollution of the atmosphere. Historically Manchester has grown in the area of industrial revolution due to the expanding cotton industry. The developments of machinery within the Victorian times, is where polluting the city relates back to. We now currently live in the era of technology and machinery lead processes to keep up with human’s demands of the fast pace lifestyle we live in. Pollution issues are a current topic in which governments have recognised the need to address the problem of air pollution and are continually reviewing methods to achieve this. However with what I feel is my unusual surroundings of cluttered air of Manchester, this has made me acknowledge the need for protection. To protect one selves from the polluted air that surrounds. The capsule explores protection though high collars, layers, materials, protective work wear shapes and industrial details of trims with the contrast of not protecting with flared sleeves and oversized garments.