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Małgorzata Vicente
Fashion Design HBO Bachelor

Wdka Willem De Kooning Academy

Specialisms: Genderless / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Digital Design

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Wdka Willem De Kooning Academy

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Małgorzata Vicente

Małgorzata Vicente ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Małgorzata

Last Name: Vicente

Specialisms: Genderless / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Digital Design


My Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

University / College: Wdka Willem De Kooning Academy

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design HBO Bachelor


I'm Gosia, 26yo from Warsaw, Poland.I am a phygital conceptual designer. My work is concept and emotion driven mix of digital fashion design with physical ready-to-wear collections including textile design. I specialize in Clo3D as my design tool using draping method in the digital environment. I work with deadstock fabrics and all kinds of materials that I find around me like wood leftovers, different plastics or acrylics.In my work I am exploring sense of belonging, the subconscious and the mix of reality with dream world.

The collection explores the concept of a sense of belonging and the connection between dreams and reality. I collected 23 dreams and used them as inspiration for their designs. I used shapes from the dreams, draped on the body using the Clo3D program, and added basic patterns to create clothing silhouettes. The collection also featured 'distortion', which inspired the creation of materials. About 60% of the collection was made from deadstock materials, but I adapted them to create an illusion on fabrics and a color range. The collection also featured buttons made from scraps of wood or acrylic board, inspired by dreams illustrations. The collection has become personal and allowed me to understand myself and open up to others, encouraging them to create their own reality.