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Matthew Simpson
Architectural Design MArch

The Bartlett UCL

Specialisms: Architecture / Film /

Location: London, United Kingdom

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The Bartlett UCL

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Matthew Simpson

Matthew Simpson ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Matthew

Last Name: Simpson

Specialisms: Architecture / Film

Sectors: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: The Bartlett UCL

Course / Program Title: Architectural Design MArch


I am a British / Portuguese, European educated part 2 architectural designer (filmmaker, and musician). Having graduated with First-Class Honours (and the portfolio prize) in Architecture BSc and having just completed my 5th year at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL MArch programme. I am a highly conscientious and creative interdisciplinary architectural practitioner looking to exercise a somewhat eclectic repertoire and unflagging curiosity, and for the opportunity to continue to develop as a designer.

Amid the rising number of dementia patients, the proposal examines the relationship between Architecture, Music, and Memory to speculate innovative ways to address the issue. Parasitising the abandoned York Road Station, the programme combines and spatialises the premises of patient-specific music playlists and sensory gardens in an architectural promenade, deploying virtual space to stimulate the senses and evoke specific memories of a fictional protagonist’s life. For its nostalgic connection to British architectural heritage, brick was chosen as the primary material – complemented by clay ornamentation, bridging tradition and innovation. The introduction of a proportional system based on musical notes and harmonies, which translated music into architecture dictated the entire scheme’s development. An interdisciplinary methodology combined hand-drawing, digital modelling, rendering, film, and musical composition. The project proposes less the building itself than a system for generating space - virtual or otherwise - and a new niche in spatial practice. At the highest order, the project calls for the profession to embrace its greatest good – its ability to bridge the disconnected.

‘An Ode to Apollo’ is a centre for research in acoustics and musical production, platforming both creative and scientific studies of sound. In defiance of the unrelenting roar of the neighbouring elevated-railway, the facility is a prototype in how we might occupy such acoustically-challenged pockets of the built environment. Contained within this architecture of attenuation, a series of inhabitable music chambers celebrate and amplify the weird and wonderful dynamics of sound and space.