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Nicole Regine Chang
Visual Communication BA Hons

Leeds Arts University

Specialisms: Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Art Direction / UX Design

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Leeds Arts University

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Nicole Regine Chang

Nicole Regine Chang ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Nicole Regine

Last Name: Chang

Specialisms: Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Art Direction / UX Design


My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Leeds Arts University

Course / Program Title: Visual Communication BA Hons


Nicole Regine is an ambitious multidisciplinary designer passionate about art direction, set design, and immersive storytelling in any medium! Her work is centred around exploring the boundaries of what's real and what's fictional, in a surrealistic, magical theme. She comes up with imaginative ideas that go beyond the ordinary, invoking in people a sense of dream-like wonder

Play is recognized as a vital part of child development; however, in adulthood, it is often deemed childish or immature. In the same way that kids are surrounded by creative toys that work to spark that imagination, home can be that medium to be an inspiring place for adults. Not only is imagination the key to innovation, but it also gives us hope and influences everything we do regardless of our profession. 'Eye Spy With My Little I' is a photo book that shows the power of infinite play and imagination in a journey through the home with fantasy-like sets and surrealist everyday objects. It aims to ignite readers' imagination and challenge their perception, rethinking their understanding of this world. I've taken on the role in every part of the process - as the Art Director, Set Designer, Photographer, Model, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Prop Maker, Post-production Editor, Bookbinder, Videographer, and Video Editor.