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Sarah- Jane
Fashion & Textile Design BA Hons

Glasgow School of Art

Specialisms: Embroidery / Design / Textile Innovation/Textile Art

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Sarah- Jane

Sarah- Jane ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Sarah-

Last Name: Jane

Specialisms: Embroidery / Design / Textile Innovation/Textile Art

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

University / College: Glasgow School of Art

Course / Program Title: Fashion & Textile Design BA Hons


Embroidery designer with a focus on colour, material, and technique. With a passion for creating playful textiles that bring a fun element to the home and commercial spaces. Showing at New Designers, Design business Exchange Centre, London, in June 2019. looking for opportunities and collaborations: [email protected]

My latest embroidered collection draws inspiration from my overwhelming and vested interest in the current ‘epidemic’ of poor emotional health and well-being of young people today. The collection takes its colourful palette from childhood play, while the graphic repeats are a controlled and consistent representation of the organic and unpredicted shapes from biological images of inside the human body, paying particular interest to images of the brain. I have learnt that positive relationships and consistent interactions are fundamental during the early years of brain development, for good emotional health and well-being into adulthood. The connection and relationship between myself, the maker and the collection was similarly of great significance. whilst mixing a technological process of laser cutting and traditional hand embroidered techniques such as couching, wrapping and applique. Especially at a time where the word ‘interaction’ is heavily used in a digital sense, this playful, multi contextual and contemporary, hand embroidered collection evokes curiosity and the need to interact physically. A collection that consists of embroidered wallpapers, reversible lampshade textiles and room dividers that create beautiful and playful spaces for the home and commercial architecture. This collection will be showcasing at New Designers in London 2019.

3 looks for 3rd Year Fashion show 2018 looking into the technological advances and advertising that influenced the 'cinema du look' film movement during the 80s. This non-gendered collection consists of a cork based fabric with a contrast of bright hand embellishment and laser cutting details. sponsored by Dr Martins

with a fascination of all things curious this accessories collection draws inspiration from my personal collection of 'bits and bobs'. Looking at composition and trapping, this collection uses resin and acrylics to capture the essence of collecting. Most items sold, however, items could be made upon request.

a tactile collection for interiors. Temporary colour that fills the streets during Edinburgh Fringe festival influenced the colour pallete, while the structures were informed by my fascination with suspension casts. The surface is questionable as the viewer moves around the surface.