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September Park
Fashion BFA

SCAD Savannah

Specialisms: Apparel / Genderless / Sportswear Design

Location: Savannah, United States

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September Park

September Park ArtsThread Profile

First Name: September

Last Name: Park

Specialisms: Apparel / Genderless / Sportswear Design

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Savannah, United States

University / College: SCAD Savannah

Course / Program Title: Fashion BFA


My name is September Park and I am a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I received my B.F.A in Fashion Design with a focus in graphic and fashion design ready-to-wear pieces for both men and women. I am still learning and exploring different paths in fashion. There are so many more things to learn and I am excited about what is coming ahead. Thanks to my Korean origin, Indonesian upbringing, and student life between Hong Kong and the US, I feel comfortable anywhere and everywhere. I'm always ready and welcoming new opportunities.

Dear Future Employer, Welcome to PS² (Park September Postal Service). I aim to be the “Delivery Man” of the fashion industry — a person who we wait for, trust without knowing, extremely sensitive with time and quality, and works hard every day locally and internationally. PS² is a gender-free collection and it is for everybody’s use just like how the postal service is for everyone. It is heavily inspired by the different kinds of postal uniforms and the shapes of packaging materials. I used shipping labels to provide information about myself and a link to my portfolio and packaging symbols to represent my work ethic, indicating that I don’t need any special care. The abstracts shapes in the prints were taken from the torn edges of opened boxes and envelopes, and the glossy lines were inspired by box templates. These prints represent that I am opened and ready for new opportunities. Thank you and looking forward to hear back from you. Best, September Park P.S. Immediate delivery is available.

Seeking Warmth

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Apparel Genderless Menswear

It is hard to feel warmth during this cold period. Worldwide, from the coronavirus, 1.05 million lives have been lost. For people in the medical field, it has been even tougher to deal with. These people inspired me to create this collection. We often think about the atmosphere of the medical field as something cold, but this year, especially after what we have been through, I realized there is a sense of warmth from hospitals, and that something cold can ultimately give people a feeling of comfort. The collection contains inspiration from medical equipment like pressure bandages, shapes of different tools, medicine, and textures of plastic materials you would see in a hospital. I combined those “cold” elements with a feeling of warmth and used suture stitches techniques as design details throughout the collection. The color scheme was mostly taken from MRI and X-ray scans to symbolize the coldness. I also used purple, a color in between red and blue, to represent the coexistence of the colors that respectively represent warmth and coldness. For a final touch of comfort, I used a small amount of yellow. Though the crisis isn't over, it shows us that comfort and warmth can be found in the places you least expect. We don't know what is to come, but I hope these garments can keep us warm in the coming winter and give comfort to those seeking warmth.

Through this collection "Huemanity", I want people to recognize and understand the beauty of unity in humanity through color, because we are nothing without others. I got inspiration from skin color and the color that symbolizes balance and sustainability — green. Through this color scheme I also want to deliver a sense of hope and healing after all that we have been through.