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Valentina Desideri
Fashion Design BA Hons

University for the Creative Arts Rochester

Specialisms: Womenswear / Textiles for Fashion / Atelier - Pattern Cutting

Location: Rochester UK, United Kingdom

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Valentina Desideri

Valentina Desideri ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Valentina

Last Name: Desideri

Specialisms: Womenswear / Textiles for Fashion / Atelier - Pattern Cutting

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Rochester UK, United Kingdom

University / College: University for the Creative Arts Rochester

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design BA Hons


Enthusiastic and dedicated fashion student eager to experience the ever-evolving and fast-paced fashion industry, acquire new skills and develop further the necessary knowledge to work in this competitive industry.

“Re-constructing Heritage” is a collection inspired by a profound fascination with the Far East and a journey through the contradictions of tradition and modernity. Travelling across China gave me the chance to get in contact with the intense spirituality of Buddhism and to develop an interest in Tibet. The protagonist of this collection is a Tibetan girl mesmerized by the decay of the modern metropolis. Traditional Tibetan clothing and the way they are worn by natives, deeply inspired the development of silhouette, combined with a modern element of tailoring. The exploration of shape and volume in relation to the body has influenced my knitwear, with the development of a 3D knitting technique applied to voluminous twisting sleeves. The observation of the deteriorating aspects of the city translated into innovative textures. The juxtaposition of wool, acrylic and jersey yarns and the incorporation of liquid latex into my knitwear resulted in the creation of structural shapes in contrast with the softness of the knit: the hardness of the urban environment against the softness of an untouched culture.

Graduate collection 'Re-Constructing Heritage' on Vogue Uk's website (link below).

'Re-Constructing Heritage' at Graduate Fashion Week 2015 - Official catwalk video.

Outfit n.2 from Graduate Collection 'Re-Constructing Heritage': - Asymmetric Cape - Jersey Dress Technical pages of pattern development, design specification, measurement specification and costing sheet using Gerber CAM softwares.

Work published on Knitting Magazine - September Issue (2015) Article credits to The crafter (

'Crystallization' is a collection inspiredby the observation of Thermodynamics, the branch of Physics concerned with the interaction amongst temperature, heat and energy. I was particularly fascinated by the stage of crystallization, where solid crystals form from a solution or gas under certain environmental circumstances. The fascinating molecular structure of ice and the microscopic process of freezing translated into geometric shapes built up in different weights of fabrics and into meticulously considered textures, handmade to represent the imperfections of an object caught in the process of freezing. The effect of frost attaching onto fibres was expressed through beading, and the richness of texture achieved through a combination of wet felting and needle felting. The effects of extreme weather conditions on the human body and the research into polar explorers' attire, particularly designed to protect certain areas of the body against the cold, influenced silhouettes and detailing.

A Day in Savile Row it's a project about the re-discovery of tailoring techniques and the hard work behind the construction of tailored garments. The new luxury for customers nowadays does not only include the product itself, but also the experience behind the design and production of a luxury item. Burberry, with its renowned long tradition and roots in British heritage, is the best example of how a brand can both look at the past for inspiration and look at the future for creations tailored to the modern woman.