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Vishal Tolambia
Ma Fashion Futures

London College of Fashion UAL

Specialisms: Apparel / Product Design / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Vishal Tolambia

Vishal Tolambia ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Vishal

Last Name: Tolambia

Specialisms: Apparel / Product Design / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Product / Architecture / Interiors / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: London College of Fashion UAL

Course / Program Title: Ma Fashion Futures


A multi-disciplinary fashion designer and product developement manager having a masters degree inMA Fashion Futures with experience of more than 3 years whose work spans design developement, research, and strategy implementation for the company's product developement, Trend and requirement forecasting and reporting, pattern & Cad-technical sketches developement, Design presentation, and management with internal and external stakeholders with fashion thinking, ethical design Futures, and sustainable fashion products development and sourcing across the supply chain in Luxury and Fast Fashion. Focussed on ethical standards, practices, and strategies implementation for design management and preservation of Circularity, fine craftsmanship, environmental, cultural, and social emergency domains across the brand.

A Menswear collection designed with an approach to transform human centred designs into humanity centred design. The theme masculinity revolves around society's paradigm of ideal gender and how masculine gender is suffering inside the social barriers and predefined stereotypes of society. Influenced by the growing issue of toxic masculinity and suppressed subjugation of men. An irrational social contract of gender was never needed. This collection encourages the all-modern form of masculinity by depicting the inner bold soul and fluidity of masculine gender on this Ramp through Fashion. Masculinity is built with abstract Patchwork and a sustainable Approach of using waste fabrics with a strong bold color palette of shades of grey and crimson. Silhouettes with a mash-up of bold archetypal masculine designs with patchwork, Big box pockets, and solid colors with humanity centered significance combined in unconventional ways

NOMAD “Relic of Rabari” is a collection inspired by a cultural Rabari Community of Gujurat and its art Work. This collection is to promote the significant colorful rabari mirror work embroidery and empower the Rabari art and craft. Inspired by the mythologies of the rabari community which I came across while researching, I decided to make a collection which will depict the inner soul and fluidity of the rabari's. “Nomad “ The relic of rabari, with this theme I’am portraying the nomadic cultural of the community and their fine, delicate and amusing rabari mirror work with the essence of modern embroidery. Silhouettes are inspired by the shifting rigidities of their culture, which are true to their roots at the same time. This collection is entirely to appreciate them and their heritage. Rabari's will always be the heart of colors and tradition, a feeling of elegance and boldness at the same time. Here bringing this rare combination of experience for you.