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Xuejie Zhou
Fashion BA Hons

Glasgow School of Art

Specialisms: Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Graphic Design / Creative Direction

Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Glasgow School of Art

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Xuejie Zhou

Xuejie Zhou ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Xuejie

Last Name: Zhou

Specialisms: Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Graphic Design / Creative Direction

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

University / College: Glasgow School of Art

Course / Program Title: Fashion BA Hons


As a graphic designer, I deeply enjoy learning new skills and techniques and I am passionate when exploring various modes of presenting visual outputs. I find inspiration from life around me, expanding my perception and understanding of realistic images with/alongside abstract shapes—translating observations into practice.

When walking around the city, I have noticed many plants growing freely in tight spaces. I began to consider how these plants spread and expand in this city of steel and concrete. The design of the type, before the moss growth, represents the narrow areas of man-made rules. Invading Green shows how mosses can break through in these tight and limited spaces By some invisible force, slowly creeping, unnoticed into our environment.