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 FASHIONCLASH Festival 2022

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2022

25th Nov 2022
27th Nov 2022

14th edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival will take place from 25 -  27 November 2022 in Maastricht (The Netherlands). 

During this three-day hybrid (on- & offline program) festival, a new generation of designers and performing artists from all over the world are given the opportunity to show their work to a broad (inter)national audience. The program with exhibitions, performances, talks and fashion film screenings and awards, showcases projects that explore, contextualize and celebrate contemporary fashion culture. 

FASHIONCLASH Festival is all about discovering, stimulating and co-shaping current developments in fashion and opening up these developments to a broad audience. The festival consists of a multidisciplinary and polyphonic program based on a selection from the proposals submitted via the open call and the projects initiated by FASHIONCLASH itself, which are developed in co-production with other organizations such as Glamcult, Via Zuid, Kunstbende and Marres. 

During the festival, work by more than 50 emerging and established designers and artists from different countries around the world can be seen, including SCHEPERS BOSMAN, House of rubber, Atelier Dasha Tsapenko, Denzel Veerkamp, Erik Bergin, Hadi Moussaly, NEO Design, Puntjudith, Wendy Owusu, Ruben Jurriën, Elliot Collective, Rover, Antoine Peters and many more. 


The Clash House

The Clash House is a showcase and development program for designers focusing on crossovers between fashion and other art disciplines, especially the performing arts. Participants of The Clash House are offered a coaching trajectory in which they are supported by theater makers. Participants: Dirk Vaessen, Elliot Collective, Nikola Markovic, Katharina Spitz, Maya Kaplan.

Open Mic Night powered by Meester Koetsier Foundation

With Open Mic Night program FASHIONCLASH aims to create inspiring encounters between designers and audiences, by asking questions and sharing stories during a comedy club-inspired event. It is an eclectic clash of visions, working methods and styles of a distinctly new generation of designers who recently graduated in the Netherlands. Open Mic Night will be hosted by the artist and performer ARIAH LESTER.

Participants: Ruben Jurriën, Kickyland, Floor Klaassen, Loïs Brandsen, Inez Carmen, Lauren Thoonen.

New Fashion Narratives #1 @ Bureau Europa i.c.w. Glamcult

New Fashion Narratives exhibition at Bureau Europa is an international selection of designers curated by Glamcult and FASHIONCLASH.

New Fashion Narratives stands for the current generation of designers who see fashion as their mission. They explore the boundaries of their discipline, question social systems and specifically the fashion industry. With their works they move between the interdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design, visual arts and investigate the relationship with the user/consumer.

Participants: Art Collective BCHMNN, Mehdi Mashayekhi, LABELEDBY., OUR SHIFT, Aurélie Defez, DOMINIK, Dara Benno, SUFI, Pablo Salvador Willemars, ZOLI, Denzel Veerkamp, Luca Berger, House of rubber, SCHEPERS BOSMAN

New Fashion Narratives #2 @ Marres

New Fashion Narratives exhibition at Marres consists of a multidisciplinary selection of both young and established talent with a link with the Netherlands.

FASHIONCLASH signals a growing need among Dutch designers to contribute to a healthier fashion sector and a better world. This critical, research-minded and hybrid generation of fashion makers engage themselves in the transformative role of fashion in relation to social issues and propose alternative fashion practices and narratives.

Participants: Teresa van Twuijver & Studio de Maan, Extended, Lena Winterink, Bobbine Berden Design, Daphne Agten, Wei-Chi Su, Antoine Peters, Space For Fiction (SFF), Guerline Kamp, Atelier Dasha Tsapenko

Fashion Film & Video

Fashion Film and Video (FFV) program offers a platform to emerging designers, artists and filmmakers who experiment with the genre of fashion film/video, animation and other related audiovisual and digital media. A jury panel will select five finalists from the selection and designate a winner for the Fashion Film & Video award powered by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Limburg. In addition, Kaltblut magazine will choose a winner from the entire FFV selection.

Participants: Anna Melegh, Erik Bergrin and directed by Arkan ZakharovRoumans, Clara Son, Chiron Floris, Hadi Moussally, T*MITROVSKA, JING QIAN, Haus Of Stone by Danayi Madondo, Marija Petraitytė, Saskia Roturier, Caterina DeRousse, PUNTJUDITH, NEO Design, Bastiaan van der Hoek, Wendy Owusu, ANT EYE | Hanneke & Tosca.

Fashion Makes Sense

Fashion Makes Sense is FASHIONCLASH's ongoing participation program from which projects are

developed focusing on social design, inclusion, education and in collaboration between professionals and semi-professionals/amateurs, especially involving young people.

During the festival the results of projects 'MOVING PORTRAITS', 'THE HOOOOOODIE PROJECT' and 'MASCOT' will be presented. Finally, from the FMS program Who cares what you wear? is presented, an interactive theater performance for young people about fashion and sustainability, developed in collaboration with theater maker Mayke Roels, and actresses Ilse Geilen and Lindsay Zwaan.


Collaboration with Via Zuid and Toneelgroep Maastricht

The sixth edition of Talentlab, the talent development project of Toneelgroep Maastricht and VIA ZUID - Talent development performing arts Limburg, will take place from 24 October to 26 November 2022. Talentlab is again part of FASHIONCLASH Ferstival for this edition. In Talentlab, young promising professional talents from the performing arts work together intensively for five weeks to further develop their artistry. Led by Paul Slangen (dramaturg Toneelgroep Maastricht) and Joost Segers (artistic developer VIA ZUID), they will experiment and be inspired by each other and by fashion. Together they are working towards an end result that will be shown during FASHIONCLASH Festival.